Stuff about me

My name is Michael Baisch and I'm the guy who created the stuff you can see on this site. I’m from Germany and 27 years old. Over the last years I collected experience in many fields:

  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Designing interfaces and websites
  • Arduino
  • Ruby, C++, Objective C and Swift

I’m always searching for new exciting stuff. Actually, not searching, I have more project ideas than I can possibly work on. Also I’m a mechatronic technician and in my free time I try to build awesome stuff.

I spend a fair amount of time in front of my Apple devices planning, producing, designing, programming or sucking up knowledge. But I also like to do practical stuff like building a Makerbot or my own Mixing Console. I also fell in love with LEDs as you can see in many of my projects.

About this site

With this site I want to show the world my projects and inspire people. Simple and useable design is one of the most important aspects for me when working on a project, including this website. But I'm also interested in how stuff works and want to figure out the best way to do something.